The White Lady of Hohenzollern Castle

The White Lady

Hohenzollern Castle  is the ancestral seat of the Imperial House of Hohenzollern located in Baden-Wurttemburg,Germany.

It is one of three hill-top castles on Hohenzollern Mountain and said too be haunted by the ghost of The White Lady.

The White Lady is supposed to be Countess Kunigunde Von Orlamonde who was a widow and mother of two children.

After the death of her husband she took an interest in marrying Albrecht van Hohenzollern, After his statement to her” If it were not for four eyes between us”.The Countess took it to mean that her children stood between her and the man she loved.

The Countess went to extreme measures and took a golden needle and pierced the skulls of her children and killed them.

After a while remorse took hold and she fled to Rome and tried to find forgiveness and led a life of monastic work and it is said she died  doing so.

Since her death  it is reported she haunts all three castles of the Hohenzollern dynasty bringing bad luck and death to anyone who sees her.

There has been many accounts over hundreds of years of the White lady which have led to immediate death and disaster after each sighting.

Hohenzollern castle
Hohenzollern Castle

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