Shadow People or Person

A shadow person is known also as a shadow being, or black mass it is an entity that shows its self in the form of a black humanoid figure.

Throughout the ages, many religions describe these beings as supernatural or shades belonging to the underworld and many of these shadowy beings have been the topic of so many folklore tales and legends. And also been the subject of many ghost stories.

Black Eyed Children an Urban Legend?

Black-eyed children are supposed to be an Urban Legend they are ghostly children with pale skin and black eyes and their age is between 6-16 years.

People come across these Children while hitchhiking or can be confronted by them on their doorstep as they open the front door.

Tales of these black-eyed children date back as far as the late 50’s. So could these tales just be an Urban legend or is there some truth to these ghostly children?

The Demon Aamon

Aamon (also Amon and Nahum),   Is a Marquis of Hell who governs forty infernal legions. Aamon is a demon and the Grand Marquis of Hell and the seventh spirit of the Geotia. He is not to be confused with the Egyptian god Amun, who often shares the same name as him. Aamon or Amon commands 40 legions of […]

5 Of The Most famous Ghost Photographs Ever Taken.

The Paranormal, Supernatural, and Ghosts these  three topics have always been debated and many ask do they really exist?

Many people have reported seeing a ghost but without great proof and these reports are often disregarded. Now if these reports are back up with a photo of the supposed ghost this would help but are all photos real or have some been faked.

Here you will find 5 famous photographs of ghosts, real or fake you decide.

Angel Feather’s and their Meanings

Have you lost a loved one and been out somewhere  for example you could be sitting on a train or taking a walk in your local park and you start thinking about that person that has passed away then you suddenly find by your feet or next to you a white feather?

Well if this has happened to you did you know that some might say  this is a message from an Angel telling us that our loved ones are fine and they are near us.